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i rock

2009-09-03 09:04:28 by yacob123

i have no idea how to make a vid and how to post the vid so lol >:(

i rock


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2009-09-03 09:06:29

No, it means you don't rock.

yacob123 responds:

so i don't rock who care's dude >:I


2009-09-06 14:57:31

wow. i saw your comment on that kirbopher vid. how is it mean? almost 90% of the videos on newgrounds are about making fun of shows,anime, or video gamess. I think rather you are overly sensitive or that your jealous that he can make stuff and you cant. Beets me but seriously id you post comments like that on videos that are like that, i pity the people who see your comment like i did.

yacob123 responds:

i i'm not rllly jealous of him but i rlly love anime and the girl i like dose to shewas the one that got pissed :i